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We are a offshore full service Broker. 

We support Enterpreneurs. 


Finance  -  Marketing  -  Company Setup`s  -  Outsourcing  -  Trading  -  Investments

We are hunters of great investment opportunities. That`s our mission. Start Ups, Merchandise Trading, Private Equity and Real

Estates. These are the main groups that belong to alternative investments. 

Private Equity is about investing in private companies fort the long run, Prive Equity investors that invest in such companies they help them transform themselves Grow faster, do acquisitions, launch new products, adopt new strategies. We look across the globe and we try to pick the few that we think are outstanding and will bring additional value to our client (your) portfolio.


This is real life, you buy shares in companies that exist, but what makes the difference is the management team, is an enterpreneur.

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